Live Music For Kids

Party Packages


Jason’s Music Party starts at $150 for a basic acoustic birthday package in your home for 12 or fewer kids. Each performance has different requirements and rates are customized to each event based on the following factors: 

  • Number of people
  • Type of venue
  • Public or private performance
  • Length of performance
  • Distance from Roswell, GA
  • Sound system needs
  • Custom songs and themes
  • Emcee/Basic DJ services

General Rates

$150 Acoustic 30-minute "living room" performance for 12 kids or fewer and "Happy Birthday" (within 15 miles of Roswell, GA).

$175  Acoustic 30+ minute performance for 15 kids or more plus "Happy Birthday". Special requests considered.

$200  Amplified 30-minute performance with sound system provided for large spaces, bigger groups. Also recorded music before and after performance. 90 minutes total.

$250+  Full sound 30 minute performance PLUS Emcee and basic DJ services for 2 or more hours during party with sound system.

$450+ Full sound kids music performance PLUS bluegrass band performance (3-5 pieces with full sound) to keep the party going.

Contact Jason by e-mail at or phone at (678) 708-2321 for a quote for your event. 

Need a band for your party?

Jason can also provide "grown-up" music to keep the party going after the little ones have been entertained. Jason's band Honeywood plays roots music: bluegrass, acoustic rock, jamband and more. Contact Jason with your specific needs and he can prepare a list of options.